Blog Traffic

So, I love WordPress as a blogging platform. I like having my own space and being able to post whatever I feel like. So WP is great for CREATING stuff.

But I find it incredibly hard to actually SEARCH for stuff on this site. Maybe it’s because I’m used to Tumblr’s format of searching for stuff (which is way more expansive and you can get a general idea of what to expect/how to find things), but I find finding stuff relevant to your interests on WP difficult or even impossible to find. If you ‘follow’ a tag, you get extremely random results. I want to find more people that talk about animation, but it’s so hard. When I type in ‘Disney’ or ‘animation’, anything goes.

I think that might explain why it’s so hard for my blog to get views, even when I use the tags and categories liberally (though I am a little concerned about pissing people off so I don’t ALWAYS tag things properly; again, I’m used to Tumblr). Finding relevant content can be hard.

If you find my blog and share my content, don’t hesitate to send me a message or a comment on how you came across it. I find that some of my posts get more traffic than others, and I would like to know why that is. So if you find, like, and share a post (which I encourage and would be grateful for), let me know! And don’t hesitate to share stuff that you might find relevant to my blog as well!