The End of The Galaxy and a Great Show


Beware of Spoilers!

Well, it’s official. After two seasons, three years, and 80 episodes, Craig McCracken’s Wander Over Yonder came to an end.

I really liked this show, so of course I’m upset that it’s ended. What really upsets me (and a lot of other people) is that McCracken and crew wanted to do a third season to explore the characters more, but the head honchos at Disney decided not to renew it, apparently feeling that 80 episodes was enough. Maybe they didn’t find the show very profitable?

Well, at any rate, it was a wild ride, but we’re here. At the end. How do I feel about the ending?

I’m a little mixed, to be perfectly honest.

It’s not a BAD finale by any means. It keeps you excited for what’s going to happen, and seeing Hater finally embrace his true power and leadership was pretty rewarding. I think the show ended Dominator’s part of the story rather appropriately. She was defeated, but they didn’t kill her or make her convert to the good side. She just sort of left in a huff. Though in a scene during the credits something comes alive? I couldn’t tell. But I feel like that was a way of saying, if there was to be a third season, she would’ve been back.

What disappointed me more than anything was that the relationship between Hater and Wander was never resolved. It pretty much ended with “things will never change” and I wasn’t too happy about that. Why?

Well, you see, throughout the show, the crew kind of acknowledged that people thought that Wander and Hater kind of sort of had an unspoken attraction towards each other and there were plenty of moments in the show when the crew teased that. There’s an entire episode dedicated to Wander and Hater planning their pretend wedding (it…works in context)! So, you know, in a world where LGBT representation is EXTREMELY important in the light of horrible hate crimes, I would think they’d want to have these two actually confess their feelings for each other. Even if they didn’t want them to be a couple, they could have at least had Wander and Hater admit they weren’t totally at odds with each other. Again, maybe this would’ve been resolved in a third season, but since that’s not going to happen, we’ll never know.

I’m also curious as to how many of the characters we’ve met throughout the show escaped to another galaxy or died. On the refuge planet, we only see about a handful of characters Wander and Sylvia met, so I’m wondering if that’s implying anything or not. But I’m probably overthinking things.

So yeah, I’m a little upset, but it was a great show while it lasted. Thank you to the entire cast, crew, and creators to help bring this show to life and I wish you luck on your further endeavours!