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Welcome to The Flying Red Robot!

This is where I post my thoughts, feelings, criticisms, praise, analysis and interpretations of various media, mainly animation, comics, and video games. Disney will be the primary focus but I will also talk about other animation studios, anime, and Marvel/DC.

This blog is an INCLUSIVE space. This means that I aim to make this blog safe for people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, abilities, religion, etc. I will also frequently talk about the issues facing certain populations and how they are represented in media as well. Be prepared for me to be critical of something you love. Do NOT leave a comment or contact me just to complain or condescend to me, it will not be published and I won’t answer.

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DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise stated, nothing belongs to me. All copyrighted material goes to their respective owners and is used for illustrative purposes only. Use of images fit under fair use law for purposes of critique, commentary, teaching and research.

If you want me to take down an image, if you need me to make a correction on a post, or if you have anything else to say (I have closed comments on posts older than a month for now), you can contact me below. Thank you!