“Happily Ever After” is True Disney Magic

This month, a new show, “Happily Ever After”, premiered at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida, replacing the previous show “Wishes”. And I got to say, it perfectly encapsulates everything that we love about Disney. Watch it for yourself:

It has everything: fireworks, awesome music, gorgeous animation (with some brand new hand drawn animation!), heartfelt moments, heroic moments, funny moments, dashing heroes, beautiful princesses, dastardly villains, you name it! It’s a masterful medley of Disney music and characters. We got a nice wide range of Disney characters included, too. Frozen didn’t take up too much of the show, though I think Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, and Zootopia should’ve been in the show longer (though there was a very audible loud cheer when Hiro and Baymax showed up; take note, Disney!).

But what really made my heart soar was that The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules played significant parts. These are two movies that don’t get a lot of attention or recognition nowadays, but here, they move the show along. The song Out There had a standout moment (with new animation and a new rendition of the song), and the song Go The Distance served as the climax of the performance, including all the Disney heroes. This gives me some hope that these two and movies like them will grow in stature and get the proper recognition they deserve.

Overall, a fantastic show, I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope one day I can see it live!

Author: Laura Alexander

My name is Laura, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm a college student with Asperger's currently enrolled at the Social Service Worker Program at Sheridan College. I have a passion for film and animation, social issues, and helping others, all of which will be featured on The Flying Red Robot blog. Please read the about page before commenting or following. "Big Hero 6" is my favourite movie.