My Top Ten Fave Couples

Happy Valentines Day! To celebrate, here are some of my OTPs to end all OTPs (note, for this list I’m using canon/official couples). They are…

Number Ten: Ruby/Sapphire (Steven Universe)

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The show has gone downhill but these two will always be precious. They are devoted to each other, care about each other, and are not afraid to show physical affection with each other. They can make filler episodes totally enjoyable; the episode Hit the Diamond does not add a whole lot to the story but it’s a great episode because these two are so gosh darn in love. And of course the episode The Answer is stunningly beautiful. For all the show’s flaws, their relationship is pure and perfect.

Number Nine: Goliath and Elisa (Gargoyles)

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Oh gosh, these two have the steamiest chemistry in an animated show. I mean, who wouldn’t be attracted to a chiseled gargoyle who can protect you from harm and has the voice of Keith David? I’m pretty weak for a big strong man who becomes very gentle and sweet around the woman he loves. But what makes this pairing great is that they’ve been through so much shit together and despite how impossible their love may seem (he’s a gargoyle who turns to stone during the day, she’s a human), they find a way to make it work. I also like how it shows it’s never too late to find your real true love.

Number Eight: Jack Skellington/Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


It’s kind of hard to explain, since they don’t have a lot of screen time together, but this couple just works. They’re both good for each other in that Sally keeps Jack grounded but he also gives her a little bit of freedom. It’s also nice seeing a couple that’s not conventionally attractive. I think the thing that really pulls me in to these two is the ending. It’s one of the most romantic, sweet, and beautiful endings to an animated film. You know that these two will be happy together and that’s what matters most.

Number Seven: Thor/Jane Foster (MCU)

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The fact that it’s Chris Hemsworth (he’s beautiful) and Natalie Portman together makes it awesome already, but aside from being another big-strong-man-with-a-heart-of-gold-to-woman-he-loves deal, I love how he nurtures her curiosity for the world around her and she helps him care for others. I love how affectionate he is to her, and how she’s willing to go to the ends of the Earth with him. In my opinion, they’re one of the more better developed MCU couples (mostly since Jane is a more layered character and not just a love interest, and their romance isn’t shoehorned at the very last minute). Unfortunately there’s word buzzing on how they’re probably not going to stay together forever (probably because Natalie Portman’s contract’s expiring), but for the time they’ve been together, it was beautiful.

Number Six: Hellboy/Liz (Hellboy movies)

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I NEED TO SEE THEIR BABIES HURRY UP HELLBOY 3. Ahem. Yeah. Are you noticing a bit of a trend here? But anyway, these two are just meant to be together (at least in the movie universe, since they’re not a couple in the comics). She creates infernos, he’s fireproof. She’s mentally ill, he doesn’t patronize her. He can be a bit of rough around the edges, she can smooth him out. You can tell they’ve been pretty lonely most of their lives and were able to develop a strong bond, and while the ride hasn’t always been easy they both manage to find freedom and plan on starting a family. I’m not sure if they’re going to have a happy ending if Hellboy 3 ever comes out, but for now, I can be content with the idea that they’re living a nice life in the countryside their their adorable children.

Number Five: Carl/Ellie (Up)

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I don’t actively ship these two but they are one of the best written couples of all time. It’s rare to see such an enduring, happy, healthy relationship with older adults that don’t have unnecessary relationship drama. The montage perfectly encapsulates a good relationship: they fall on bad times but they always love each other and stick together through their mutual love of adventure and respect for one another. Even after death, their love for each other persists. It’s just a really sweet couple, and I wish there were more like it.


Number Four: Hercules/Megara (Hercules)

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I told you I had a trend! What makes this one even greater is that Megara is sassy, sarcastic, and witty is a great counterpart to Hercules’s more down-to-earth nature.  I think the reason why this is higher up is that I just really, really, REALLY love both characters. Hercules himself is a little ball of sunshine and a true hero, and Megara is not your typical Disney heroine. In most stories with the ‘man learns to become true hero/saves the world’ story, his love interest wouldn’t be that interesting or developed, but here, Megara is a great character in her own right, and even helps save him a few times. And I love how he is able to help her find happiness again after so long. They’re just so precious together.

Number Three: Korra/Asami Sato (Legend of Korra)

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Yes, I know, I know, their relationship should’ve been more explicit. They should’ve kissed in the end. But oh my god, they are absolutely stunning together. And in my opinion, they did have relationship development. Throughout season three you see them grow closer as they go through all the adventures together, culminating in Asami promising that she’ll always be there for Korra. In the fourth season they talk about how much they miss each other and enjoy being together, work together, and they look good together. Asami will be loving and gentle to Korra (since that poor girl went through so much shit) and they can both hold their own in battle. I hope we get to see more of these two together because they’re the awesome queer power couple I’ve always wanted.

Number Two: Robin/Starfire (Teen Titans 2003)


Oh man, these two are a brilliant example of couple writing done fantastically right. From the very first season, you can tell how much these two really and truly care for one another even before they realized they loved each other. As the series progressed so did their relationship, become more comfortable and close to each other and working together more dynamically. They realistically have their ups and downs but always pull through. Robin becomes a better person with Starfire`s help. Starfire becomes stronger with Robin`s help. I could go on for awhile, but basically, to me, these two have a perfect relationship, and definitely one of my all time fave couples.

But the ultimate fave couple is…

Number One: Belle and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

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One of the greatest love stories of all time. Two misfits find each other. They read books by the fireplace. They play together in the snow. They feed birds. They eat meals together (in their own unique way). They dance together. The Beast strokes Belle`s hair lovingly. He lets her go when the time comes. She comes back to save him. Their love breaks the spell, and they live happily ever after.

What can I say. These two give me the ultimate feels. Their relationship warms the heart. And I will love them no matter what the detractors say.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoy your Valentines Day with your significant other or your fave pairings!

Honourable Mention (originally at number five):

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Aurora and Phillip. They only have a few minutes together but they exude a lot of chemistry together. This is probably one of the better of Disney’s early couples because instead of just dancing for a little bit or have one serenade the other, they actively flirt around with each other when they first meet, then dance, then blissfully fall in love. It helps that Phillip is one of the better developed early Disney Princes because he’s willing to go through so much for her. Come on, he fights a fucking dragon to save her! Nothing gets in the way of true love. I’m not usually a sucker for ‘love at first sight’ type couples, but this is the most enjoyable one out there for me.



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