Sombra is here!


After lots and lots and lots of teasing, Blizzard Entertainment finally unveiled their newest major character, Sombra!

I love how we already know so much about Sombra and how much of a complex character she is. She’s definitely youthful (and a bit of a troll) and spunky but also a genius who is very diabolical. She works with the main villains of the game but goes behind their backs to get their target to work for her. This is clearly a confident and powerful woman who knows how to get people to do what she wants (and of course, her design is excellent, reflecting her personality and skills very well).

It was a lot of waiting, but it looks like the reveal was worth it, because we know Sombra plays an integral part in the worldbuilding of the game. I’m totally invested in this character now and want to see where she takes us!


Author: Laura Alexander

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