Moana Update

Since I’m starting school, I might not be as active as I once was. But I’ll try to get stuff out whenever I can. One thing I’ll make sure to keep blogging about is updates on Moana. 

The merch for the movie is finally out, and it includes dolls, plushies, and costumes.

“ She’s here!!!

The books are due to come in October (why they’d release the spoiler-filled books before the movie is released is beyond me).

Here’s the new poster!

My only problem is that Disney feels the need to latch onto Frozen. It’s been three years. You don’t need to keep reminding people that you made that movie. Plus I would think, for this movie, it would be better to say that it’s “From the creators of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin” since it’s directed by John Musker and Ron Clements. Other than that, this is a really great poster.

It looks like we’re going to get a new trailer on Thursday! I’m so excited! And it looks like after that, we’ll have #MoanaMondays, with new info on the movie released every Monday! Not only is that exciting, but it’s also rather appropriate. Hype for the movie has been few and far between, so now that the movie is only a few months away, they better get the hype machine revved up!

One bit of info I really want clarified before the movie is released is info on the villain. Apparently the main villain is going to be a lava monster, but there’s a lot of confusion on the villain’s name (apparently it’s Te something) and gender. For awhile the lava monster was described as female, but one source called it male? I can’t tell if that’s a mistake or if that’s an actual change. I hope it’s female (because I need more monstrous female villains in my life), but it’s possible they didn’t want to confuse the villain with Pele.

Here’s what the villain apparently looks like:

Moana Antagonist: Kakamora

(I can’t really tell by the chest if it’s flat or if the breasts are very small. But I’m LOVING the lava details.)

The only problem is that apparently the Disney Parks is thinking of hiring a white or Asian girl (instead of a Polynesian one) to be Moana’s face character (apparently so they can rehire the actress for multiple roles). That is, of course, not very good. I think it also proves how you cannot criticize Disney as a monolith; one division can be very progressive, another can be the opposite. So, you know, maybe make a fuss about it?

But I’m still excited for the movie itself. I think what made me REALLY excited for it now (since it was hard to remain enthusiastic for something with so little hype) is that it’s being co-directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, who directed Big Hero 6. So, that tells me this movie is going to be THE BEST.

Till then, can’t wait for more info!


Author: Laura Alexander

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