New Moana Footage!

It’s finally here! New footage of Moana with the titular character actually speaking! I’m so happy. I love her voice.

So far we’re still not given any real insight to the plot (beyond Maui and Moana going on an ocean adventure and coming across some adversaries), but we did get a few details:

  • Maui doesn’t want to go on a mission of any sort (especially with a young mortal) but Moana convinces him to go
  • Maui’s tattoos have a lot of sass
  • The Lava monster (which was hinted at in concept art) is still in the movie, albeit with a different design. So far we don’t know how big a role she’ll have
  • The coconut pirates have huge ass boats holy shit
  • Moana can hold onto the chicken with her mouth???
  • There’s a scene of Moana in this secret place…a cave?
  • Lots of shenanigans

The trailers still put more emphasis on Maui than Moana, but that’s probably because he’s voiced by Dwayne The Rock Johnson. This TV spot is only a minute long so I don’t think this is the official trailer just yet.

I’m a little anxious for more info but we’ll probably get some soon. I’ll have to remind myself not to read the Junior Novelization before the movie!

The movie is only a few months away! Can’t wait!



Author: Laura Alexander

My name is Laura, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm an autistic college student currently enrolled at the Social Service Worker Program at Sheridan College. I have a passion for film and animation, social issues, and helping others, all of which will be featured on my blog. "Big Hero 6" is my favourite movie.

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