The Newest ‘Moana’ Trailer is Out and it’s ADORABLE

Look at this. I have no words. It’s just too adorable and precious for words.

From what I can gleam from this:

-It’s footage from the English version of the movie (despite being a Japanese trailer), and you can hear a quick snippet of Moana’s father’s voice.

-So far we still don’t have any footage of Moana actually speaking. I wonder if they’re trying to hype up Auli’i Cravalho’s voice?

-The water has this look and feel of a classic cartoon character, like the carpet from Aladdin, almost. I’m really interested in how the ocean will play a role in this movie, and why it has such an important connection with Moana.


So yeah. I’m excited, as if I already weren’t. I hope we get another trailer (and more info) soon. If you’re at San Diego Comic Con, be sure to let us know what was revealed!


Author: Laura Alexander

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