Moana Character and Villain Reveals

Amidst all the gross “MAUI IS TOO OBESE!” articles, I finally came across one that actually has some crucial information on the film, including the villain!

Courtesy of Den of Geek, we have some info on Mokemoke (a tree spirit), Little Maui (one of Maui’s tattoos), the grandmother, and most of all, the villain (who apparently is called Te Po).

Here’s a pic of some toys that are in the works (these might be prototypes and are subject to change). We can see Moana and Maui and the pig and rooster friends. Those little coconut looking things are apparently the tree spirits. Moana’s father is the big man with his arms across his chest, and the grandma is pretty obvious. I think there’s Maui as a shark there (the writer for the article wasn’t sure what it was), and so far we don’t know who the lady in the purple outfit is (I’m guessing she’s Phillipa Soo’s character, I just wonder if she’s Moana’s mother, caretaker, aunt, or a friend).

As for the villain, Te Po, she a living island (as opposed to just a volcano spirit). She was ravaged by human development, turning from a lush jungle into a fiery wasteland, resulting in her having an intense hatred for humans, wanting to get rid of them.

I’m immensely curious on how the movie is going to portray her. Is she going to be a MOVING island? Can she spread her molten lava around for miles? Is she going to be stuck in one place but, at the climax, will be able to move around and cause havoc? I must get more footage of her. I’m also wondering how Moana and Maui are going to defeat her. I wonder if she’ll die, be banished (right now I have a theory that she’ll be dragged to the bottom of the ocean), or possibly be redeemed. Maybe she will be lush again, but at the price of no longer being a living island. Ooh, I’m so excited for this character! She’s probably going to end up stealing the show. I’m especially interested in the dynamics between her and Moana.

It goes without saying, I hope the actual trailer has footage of her. As well as footage of Moana speaking, since we haven’t heard her speak yet. But I’m definitely excited and can’t wait for more!



Author: Laura Alexander

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