Your Fave is Autistic Part 5: Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt

Edit 2018/01/04 I have deleted all my Voltron related posts but I am keeping this up because I stand by it. But the version below is a heavily altered version from the first draft.

For the first season at least, there is enough evidence to suggest Pidge is autistic. The first thing I noticed right away is that they don’t like it when people touch their things. I can relate to that a lot. Secondly (and perhaps most importantly) is that she is EXTREMELY smart and tech savvy (more than the rest of the team) and loves robots, to the point where she a really close bond with one (and is devastated when that robot can’t be with them anymore).

Another clue is that she’s oddly specific. At one point, when Princess Allura tries to dig more info from her, she goes on a tangent and say how they like peanut butter and other peanut products but not actual peanuts (they think peanuts are too dry) and has a bit of a hard time picking up social cues. She is VERY close to her family and fixates on wanting them back and had some trouble bonding with the rest of the team (she first gets close to Shiro, who is very calm and soft spoken and patient).

I think a major clue is their gender presentation. There’s a lot of research that presents a link between autism and gender dysphora. Just google “autism and gender identity” and you should have lots of links to studies and articles on it (there are too many for me to link). The thing about Pidge is that even though she pretended to be a boy at first and then revealed herself to be a boy later, she still goes by the name Pidge and still more boyish than she was before her adventures. Could she be transgender or non-binary? We’ll have to see. But she is definitely autistic in my head and the best part of the show for me.


Author: Laura Alexander

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