Zootopia Crosses $1 Billion!

Well, it finally happened! The critically acclaimed and wildly (pun intended) popular Disney hit has crossed the $1 Billion mark at the box office, making it the fourth highest grossing animated film (not adjusted for inflation, mind you) thus far!

Anyway, my biggest question right now is: What’s next?

I have no doubt there will most likely be a sequel. It may take some time, but given how eager Disney is with sequels now, I’m not surprised if one is announced sooner than later. I wonder if this movie will have the same marketing blitzkrieg that Frozen did or not. On one hand, it’s raking in a lot of money and has a wide audience, but on the other hand, it doesn’t have two princesses and an inoffensive snow man that are so easy to market. I know for a fact that this means Disney has absolutely no excuse to NOT market it all, as it’s been notorious for ignoring a lot of their other recent successes in favour of Frozen.

I feel like the success can prove two things. The GOOD thing is that it proves that movies that are well-written, intelligent, and have relevant and complex themes are successful and people appreciate more than just simple stories with flashy visuals. The BAD thing is that it (possibly) proves that Disney’s only other popular form of animated films, besides princesses, is talking animals. So I’m concerned about Disney not branching out on characters and stories beyond that.

Still, I’m very happy for and proud of the filmmakers for this achievement (and they’re probably going to receive more during Awards Season). Major congrats to Rich Moore, Byron Howard, Jared Bush, and all the animators and story artists who worked on it, and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll show us!


Author: Laura Alexander

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