Going to Start A Series

In honour of Autism Awareness Acceptance Month, I’m going to start a “Your Fave is Autistic” series. It’s where I’ll take different characters from different shows/movies and explain how I feel that they are autistic/heavily coded to be autistic. I will probably not be finished by this month (it will likely be an ongoing series that will last quite awhile, but hey, I get to spread autism love all year long!) but I want to at least START now.


Author: Laura Alexander

My name is Laura, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm a college student with Asperger's currently enrolled at the Social Service Worker Program at Sheridan College. I have a passion for film and animation, social issues, and helping others, all of which will be featured on The Flying Red Robot blog. Please read the about page before commenting or following. "Big Hero 6" is my favourite movie.